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What is a Cooperator?

Cooperators are those who, although not members of the Prelature of Opus Dei, collaborate with the Prelature's faithful in the various educational, charitable and cultural activities they offer.

Cooperators are usually relatives, friends or colleagues of the Prelature's members. They have received some spiritual benefit from the apostolate of Opus Dei or simply appreciate the human and social development that takes place in apostolic endeavors of the Work. Cooperators include non-Catholics, non-Christians or persons who profess no religion at all.

What is involved in being a Cooperator?

Cooperators collaborate with the apostolates of Opus Dei in many ways. Spiritual help takes the form of daily prayer, if possible, for Opus Dei and its apostolates. Material help consists in financial contributions or in collaborating through one's work in some apostolic undertaking of the Prelature.

In addition, those who wish, participate in the means of Christian formation offered by the Prelature.

What benefits do Cooperators receive?

The faithful of Opus Dei pray daily for all who help the Prelature in any way. On certain occasions priests of Opus Dei offer Mass for the souls of the deceased Cooperators. The Holy See has granted indulgences the Catholic Cooperators can gain on some particular days of the year by observing the conditions established by the Church and renewing, out of devotion, their commitments as Cooperators.

How does one become a Cooperator?

The Regional Vicar of Opus Dei appoints persons who desire to be Cooperators by means of a proposal made by a member of the Prelature of Opus Dei.


If you are interested in having more information about how to become a Cooperator of Opus Dei, through Sherlake Cultural Center, please contact us at

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